My love to this wonderful breed born when I saw longhaired dachshund puppies in the market of birds in Moscow. In Lithuania at that moment there were some(or maybe none) dogs of this breed and it was the first time I saw them. Unfortunately, I had no ability to buy one of these puppies. When I came back home I could not forget the puppies and I begged my husband to buy one. Finally, he complied with my plea and we decided to buy longhaired standard dachshund with pedigree from Russian breeders.
So, the first dog named Nikė came from Moscow in the year of 1990. The first litter to this wonderful female born in 1992. Nikė was one of the most clever and smart dachshund I have ever had. About ten years from the begining of the kennel we had been breeding dachshund for only home life. About 15 years ago we decided to bring new bloodlines to Lithuania and started mating our females with males from abroad. Puppies were getting better and better and we started to participate in national and international dog shows in Lithuania and abroad. Now almost all dogs in our kennel are champions of several countries, we are succssefully participating in European and World Dog shows. Our aim is to breed to only healthy, beautiful dog, but also dog which could be wonderful friend to his owner and has great show temparament.

In the year of 2010 me and my older daughter decided to add new breed to our kennel. We had been looking for a miniature longhaired female to start breeding the smaller type of dachshunds. Finally, we had found very promising litter born under new breeder from Poland. It was exactly what we had been looking for. So, in the end of 2010 our new female Astarte Senergetii came to our big family. We named her "Sarta" that means a new begining. In the end of 2012 Astarte had her first puppies - Arvena and Amūras. We decided to keep the boy in our kennel and he seems to be our future show star just like his mum and dad. Soon one more female joined our big kennel - Caelestis Nightwish aka "Nika". She came from famous Finish kennel "Caelestis". Last year we have our second miniature litter and we decided to keep Amūras and Nika's baby girl Barbė. So now we have 4 beautiful miniature long-haired dachshunds in our kennel.